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Search Functionality

In the search box, type one or more specific descriptive terms or brands and click search.

Make your search more specific by using multiple terms – if you are looking for couples kissing, try “couples and kissing” rather than only “couples” or only “kissing.” Also try a broad category such as romance.

Search words can be combined using "and", "or", or "not" as appropriate, for example:

dog and cat - To view all images that contain both dogs and cats
dog or cat - To view all images that contain dogs, or cats, or both
dog not cat - To view all images that only have dogs.


  • No results?
  • Check the spelling of your search term or check our Category List situated on the bottom toolbar.

  • Too few results?
  • Try using fewer or more general search terms.

  • Too many results?
  • Try and refine your search by origin, decade or category.

  • How do I start over?
  • Enter a new term in the search box

  • How do I get inspiration?
  • Try looking at our collections menu on the toolbar.

  • Lost on the site?
  • Click on the Home button to navigate back to the start of the website