Quick Start





If you just wish to browse our collection you can do so without registering on the site. You will be able to enter search requests and view the results as thumbnails. If you are not registered you can not view larger images (Previews) so if you wish to do this we recommend registering first.

To register click on the "register" button on the bar, complete the form, taking care to fill in the mandatory field which are marked with an * You can choose your own password and once you have submitted the form you are ready to go!

If you are just browsing the site, and want to get a better idea of the range of images, take a look at the "collections" button.

For specific searches start by typing in your search term (try and keep this simple e.g. "1980's Fashion" or "Chanel") then either click on the magnifying glass or press return on your keyboard.

Image results will now be displayed on the screen. To quickly preview an image hover your mouse over the desired picture, or for a more detailed look click on the image itself.

You can either place your image/s into a lightbox by clicking the tablet icon (see the FAQ's for more information on lightboxes and their uses), or into your basket if your wish to order it by clicking the basket icon.

When you have selected all the required images, click on the basket button on the toolbar to review your selection (you have the option of removing images at this stage). If you are happy with your order, click on the "proceed to order" button and follow the online prompts.

Once you have placed your order (if you are not already an approved account client) we will contact you and either release your order for usage or request additional information to allow us to do so. When we have reached an agreement, we will email you a link to the download area or if you prefer, email the hi-res images directly to you.


If you need further assistance please refer to the Help Section or Contact Us and we will be happy to assist