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We have a broad spectrum of clients both in the UK and overseas.

Newspapers and Magazines:
Ideal for illustrating breaking business news stories; celebrity features, problem pages and lifestyle articles. 
News Managines

Book jackets, inside illustrations for academic books, fashion retrospectives, social history, humour and giftbooks. We have collaborated on dozens of publishing projects as co-authors and designers.

Gifts and stationery: 
Regularly used for calendars, diaries, notebooks, greetings cards, jigsaws, notelets, recipe books and journals.

Film, Television and theatre:
Production companies approach us for props, theatre programme content and archival posters. Vintage adverts are ideal for instantly creating a feel of a particular era. In a recent James Bond film AdArchives posters graced the walls of a disused tube station from the 1950s which "M" used for secret meetings! Our celebrity endorsed ads and Magazine Covers are used regularly when the relevant stars appear on chat shows.


Ad Agencies and marketing companies:
Internal research examples, presentations on brand history or to illustrate advertising with a retro feel.

Ad Agency

Design groups:
Our images are popular with all manner of designers ranging from fashion to interiors and graphic design. Uses include researching period styles, in-store displays, trend analysis, design inspiration, logos and product design.
Design groups

Students & Academics:
Images used for dissertations, lectures, teaching aids and educational research.

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